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Gun Cleaning Kit :: $29.95

Recommended Retail : $60.95
Our Price : $29.95 + $7.95 Shipping

Complete and durable gun cleaning kit. Will clean and maintain your rifle, pistol or even your shotgun!

This set features 10 phosphor bronze brushes for cleaning:

  • 10/12 Gauge
  • 20/28 Gauge
  • .410 bore
  • .44/.45
  • .357/.38/9mm
  • .30
  • .40/10mm
  • .22
  • .17
  • .270/.280

gun cleaning kit $29.95

Gun cleaning kit with a complete line of accessories

Brushes, swabs, and fits all standard guages.

Piece UPC : 024409941306
Estimated Piece Dimensions : 12.50" Length, 8.75" Width, 1.75" Height
Estimated Piece Weight : 1.50 Lbs.

In addition to the gun cleaning brushes, there are five cleaning mops for 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, .410 bore, and .357/.38 firearms.

gun cleaning kit boxIt offers both a .22, shotgun patch puller and rifle patch puller.

Includes a 3pc rod with assembly for .17 caliber rifle and up, or pistol or shotgun.

Cleaning rod adapters included.

Comes in a 12-1/8 x 7-3/4 x 1-5/8 wood case with brass tone hinges and latch. Click image at right for a larger picture.

Gun cleaning does something more than just allowing you to keep your firearm in the best possible operating condiiton. It enforces a regular method of inspection for damage, and make no mistake, the firing and ejection of a bullet from a gun is an explosive and violent process. When cleaning guns we have found broken stocks, barrels, ejectors and even broken firing pins!

Here is what the NRA sayas about gun cleaning to its law-enforcement membership: "None of us would store our dirty dinner dishes and use them to set the table again for breakfast. Then why do some officers leave the range with their dirty weapons and return to duty? Mostly, because we as firearm instructors have not stressed the importance of a clean, properly-lubricated, and functioning firearm. As you well know, empirical tests show that a clean firearm is more accurate, and it is more likely to function in a reliable manner. Therefore, we as Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors must insist on proper firearm maintenance."


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